The Honorable Louis Farrakhan Can Save The Children Of The United States

    To all the haters of Black People this message is not for you, however if you are civil and believe in the truth lets dialogue.  The youth of america have gone buckwild, we have many reasons why, the internet , music and videos, plus poor parenting, WEAK educational system and mainly a lack of GOD in their lives.

    The internet is a wonderful tool if used properly, being a father of three ambitious young men i know. Lack of supervision and parental oversight allows our children to be bombarded with all manner of evil and filth. I believe in censorship in regards youth while they are utilizing the internet.

Parental supervision is the key, The Minister Louis FARRAKHAN does not have all the answers on how to raise children, but he is right on point speaking generally.  All children being different, he bases his ideas on two people whom he holds in the highest regards one being his beloved mother and the other is one of the greatest Black men the United States has ever produced, I am speaking of THE MOST HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD. If you pay cost attention to any of the MINISTERS lectures or any of his writings, you get a clear picture of the MINISTERS love for children.  Read the MINISTERS book ‘A TORCHLIGHT FOR AMERCIA’ and focus go to the chapter on the education system.

A lot the MINISTERS, critics attempt to portray him a negative light.  It is sad that mainstream Americans are extremely gullible. Most have never heard one whole lecture from this national treasure we have in our mist.  I personaly believe that if the MINISTER were a white man HE would be the most popular man int he country, were it not for the fact that he speaks out on behalf of Black and under represented people of the world HE is seen as a hater.  So when he says that the schools need GOD, why question him if you agree. He did not say that everyone needs to worship ALLAH(the Arabic word for GOD), he simply states that we need GOD in the schools.  My children say a quick prayer before they eat lunch.  One of my sons told me one time, one his buddies asked him to whom were he praying too since he were no longer in a Muslim school.  His reply was to the GOD of Abraham, I take pride in that because that is what I taught him to answer people who want to argue a point that is pointless, since the three major religions believe in one GOD but we call him by three different names.  This is mans silly dilemma and downfall.


Senator John McCain is constantly saying he can win a war or wars. Last time I checked it was Vietnam 1, USA 0, is this not were he gets his creds from? I guess he can advise the troops before they get captured!!!

~ by mrleexslave on August 5, 2008.

10 Responses to “The Honorable Louis Farrakhan Can Save The Children Of The United States”

  1. Farrakhan is a Muslim, and therefore is not of God. Jesus Christ is Lord, and Muslims are evil.

  2. pity you have no sense of humor….but at least you dress well.

    Relax-persecution is on the way out…or at least some of us are trying!

  3. Mr Lee,
    Hey, I wanted to drop by and thank you for stopping by my blog. I realize that we might disagree on some things, but we are still fellow Americans and therefor to some or another degree brothers. I may celebrate everything that you do not, and cringe at some of the things you say and think. I harbor no ill will toward any person of any race. You are welcome on my blog anytime you wish to stop by and I’ll try to come check in here from time to time. Maybe we can develop an unusual friendship.

  4. Im sorry that you feel that you have hate for individuals, you need to pray

    • Where in my writing did you get asense of my hate? If I do hate why not question the reasons for such feelings? Did you know that God hates? So you are telling Me that you do not or have ever hated? Yes I hate, but what do I hate is the question? The one thing I hate the most is NIGGERS.

  5. Interesting post and well written. I was watching a youtube video and Minister Louis Farrakhan gave some really good advice on how to teach and raise the youth.

  6. You were never a slave.

    • Yes sir I was a slave . I was a slave to the thinking of how you people think a good negro should be.

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