Someone please slap me am I the only sane person in this country?  Can Mrs. Dirty Bill Clinton think she can  win the presidency without US{UNITED SLAVES}, whom she refers to in a back- handed way of being non hard-working americians. Are WE the SO-CALLED NEGROS so afraid of the republicians that we will sell out to her and that white haired hypocrite {dirty bill}, that we are willing to sellout our principles.  How bad would a John McCain sitting in the oval office be, we know one thing he will not be a two term guy.

It is finally time for the R to have his day in court, I feel bad for the brother, he is going down this time. I am not on the jury so his guilt or inoccence is not inmy hands. I am refering to the recent spate of so called celeberties being found guilty- Micheal Vick, hulk hogan’s son, Wesley Snipes and T I just to name a few.

Finally if that notorius gang running around in North Killadephia, gets off we should all be able to use that same excuse that we are under duress.


~ by mrleexslave on May 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “TODAYS MUSING”

  1. Republican Party is who freed the slaves. It was the Republican Party that initiated the civil rights movement, Dr. King was a member.
    There are no slaves in America – unless I have been asleep for more than 100 years.
    Mr. Black Islam is racist – putting down Jews and blaming ALL white people for everything.
    I wrote an essay commemorating Dr. King and putting down those that continue the flame of racism on both sides of the color and non-color proverbial fence.
    You need to change the text and background color – it is black and white working together, something you apparently don’t want.
    I admire your zeal to raise children as educated and conscious citizens – not emulating gangsters and the like; however, racism still applies and you certainly haven’t gotten over the slave issue that no longer exists except in Arabia and certain Muslim African nations, where your Islam originated.
    You don’t want equality, you want to change roles and yet remain the alleged victim.

    • If I am not mistaken Mr Lehman Abe Lincoln said ” If i could end the war and not free the slaves I would do that”. Second sir I feel that the democrats are just as evil and corrupt as your republican party. I have no allegiance to any of these satanic and morally bankrupt institutions. i know Dr. King was a member of your party, He was only human so God will forgive for that mistake.

      I know Arabs and Africans participated in the worst dealing mankind will ever know, God will deal with them on his schedule. If had not noticed Blacks do not get along that well with either of these groups of people. I am a Muslim not a Arab nor am I a African. If it seems I am picking on whites and Christians, it is because you guys are closes to Us who had a major role.

      Lastly, you think to much of yourself. I do not blame you guys for everything, however you guys are a co-conspirator most of the worlds major ills directly and indirectly. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches that “the Black Man and Woman must do for themselves”. This I know you should agree on. They also tell Blacks in this nation to ” ACCEPT YOUR OWN AND BE YOURSELF”, That what makes Me A X Slave. And I categorically deny victim-ship, You people no longer have any power over Me. If Islam is so racist, why in this country Sunday is the most segregated day of the week, meaning that white Christians mainly go to their churches and Blacks go to churches where the congregants are mostly Black. The few crossover barely make a ripple, and you have the audacity to say that Islam is racist. Sir I accepted Islam, however I still am a member of the church that I was baptisted in. If Jesus were alive today, I doubt He would worship at any of ours, yours or mine houses of worships., as it says in the Bible We All Have Sinned And Fell Short Of The Glory Of God.

      Question are Blacks that were freed from bondage equal with the whites of this nation? If not why not? If so How so?

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